Saturday, December 16, 2006

The rules are: There are no rules. Guidelines, though:

1) You make four copies of a rockin' mix CD, with the tunes of your own choosing.
2) You send these CDs to four people.
3) At the same time, four people send you a rockin' CD.
4) Potvin sucks.
5) Enjoy your new music.

Maybe we might learn about jazz or hip-hop or why Bruce Springsteen is not terrible. Maybe we might make new friends who teach us about new sounds. Maybe we'll learn something about the meaning of Arbor Day. It's up to you.

Email your name and address to if you're interested, and you'll be teamed up with four other jerks with whom you will exchange music. Please also include your spofi moniker.

Let's rock.

Signup deadline is 12/26/06, and let's say we send our CDs out by 1/15/07. If you sign up for the swap and you do not send out your music, I know a guy who will punch you in your faces.

Just so you know.


Blogger Tony said...

chicobangs = in.

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